Requirements Engineering
German managers have estimated that the financial loss due to software i.e. system errors are in the millions. Other studies have shown that rash or unclear systems decisions in the infant stage of a project often lead to serious problems or even the demise of the project.

The goal of requirements engineering (RE) is to create transparent, complete, understandable and consistent descriptions of systems for everyone involved. Therefore efforts and costs can be accurately calculated to meet all requirements of the parties involved.

In the Requirements Engineering (RE) department at XTRONIC ...
  • We develop tailor made process methods for projects and teams for our customers to use.
  • We develop comprehensive process sequences for the efficient use and integration of methods into a project.
  • We implement at our customers’ requirements management tools (i.e. IBM-DOORS®) which we use to develop qualified structures and data models and adjust these tools to achieve the highest possible benefit for all parties involved.
  • As subprojects we undertake complete work packages:   
    • Preparation of complete specifications (requirements specification/ technical specification)
    • Specification analysis, reviews
    • Specification consultation (OEM-Supplier)
    • Specification verification
  • Our software development team develops tool add-ons for time intensive procedures which can be used to automate and support everyday processes:
    • Specification transformation
    • Creatation of change documentation
    • Specifiacation management
    • Data model- administration
  • XTRONIC is part of the IREB Partner Program and educates their employees in the Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering scheme to improve requirements engineering and business analysis in practice.

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XTRONIC is Silver Partner of the IREB Partner Program