System Installation
To ensure efficient execution of the development processes specific testing and analyzing systems such as HIL test facilities are employed. Due to the constant advancements and ever-shorter production cycles there is a high demand for testing systems which do not generate additional costs.

XTRONIC offers customer-specific, re-usable and therefore cost-efficient testing solutions that are based on a modular system. If modifications occur in development at the testing stand, for example wiring and the complete mechanical architecture can be recycled, adapted or re-used. This procedure reduces costs and material.

XTRONIC guarantees efficient development and high quality production.

XTRONIC competences in System Installation:
Test systems
  • Consultation on function ranges
  • Design
  • System architecture
  • CAD construction , i.e. in AutoCAD
  • System installation
  • Cable harness development & production
Assembly of prototypes & vehicle modification/adaption
  • Mechanical integration
  • Electrical integration

Services & products in System Installation

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