XTRONIC GmbH was founded in Gueltstein. The main business units were media equipment, acoustic and lighting equipment for rent or sale and installation

Formation of the new division „Automotive“ by Manfred Famula and Daniel Schmid specializing in the business unit system integration and system development for services in the growing field of telematic/multimedia and infotainment

Expansion of the automotive division with the business unit system installation for the creation of test structures/setups and vehicle conversion/modification

Relocation of the automotive division to Gaertringen due to extremely fast growth

Expansion of the automotive division with the business unit requirements engineering lead by Martin Schleiermacher responsible for costumer consultation, analysis and the implementation of development processes

Divestment of the business unit media technique

Relocation due to further expansion to new location in Ehningen

Strategic formation of our development team to handle in-house and external development contracts

Start of development of automotive system solutions and products like the test management system Test Diamond™, CANSim for CAN simulations and Model Editor for model based testing

Certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008

New office opens in Hamburg

XTRONIC becomes development partner and first tier supplier for Daimler AG

Expansion into the business unit project management

Strategic focus into technological innovations

Expansion of the infrastructure for developments, quality management, display measurement and prototype conversions

Relocation of the headquarter to Magstadt

Closure of the Hamburg office

XTRONIC becomes software development partner and second tier supplier for overhead control panels for Flextronic

Patent application for display technology 

XTRONIC becomes system solutions provider

XTRONIC develops the electric scooter „e-Schwalbe“, a retro design of the classic GDR scooter „Schwalbe“ for the efw-Suhl GmbH

XTRONIC develops the hardware control for the drive-by-wire system „Space Drive“ for Paravan

New office opens in Munich

Patent application for headlight technology 

New office opens in Wolfsburg

Patent application for electric light technology
Relocation of the headquarter to Böblingen