XTRONIC Headquarter Boeblingen

XTRONIC – Excellence in Engineering

XTRONIC is a qualified and extremely innovative development partner and systems supplier for the automobile industry. XTRONIC is the one source for developing customer oriented solutions, in the business units telematic/multimedia systems, electro mobility, drive-by-wire systems and testing tools. We support our customers with our services and patents pending throughout the entire development process, leading to sustainable efficiency and success. Our customers include national and international suppliers and automobile manufacturers. 
XTRONIC System Solutions

Many drivers wish for the best high end multimedia systems with the newest technological innovations. Our expertise in telematic/multimedia and display technology allows us to develop system solutions for suppliers and OEMs for series production in accordance with Automotive SPICE® and we offer our services throughout the entire development process …  ››
 Video entertainment systems

Electric Mobility

Electric mobility is the wave of the future. Quiet, powerful and environmentally friendly drive systems and a fascinating driving experience has been the goal which has inspired us to develop e-mobility solutions, like our electric scooter “e-Schwalbe”. …  ››
 Electric scooter "e-Schwalbe"

Electronic Drive Systems

Already common place in aeronautics and aerospace drive-by-wire is still a vision for the automotive industry, and only until it has been proven to be safe and reliable can it become an option for automobiles.  …  ››