Display Development
XTRONIC through its years of experience has the know-how to develop complex telematic/multimedia systems and various display technologies.
Through practical analysis of all customers requirements all factors will be considered so that the best possible display technology will be used. This approach guarantees efficient creation and use of the project specification which in the end leads to a valuable product and increased customer satisfaction.

The following services are offered by XTRONIC in the field of display technology at our work shop or at the customer:

Consultation on display technology

  • Technology and market research as well as producer independent benchmarking
  • Consultation on current and future display concepts and technology
  • Comparison and use analysis of your concepts in test cases, test methods and test strategies
  • Comprehensive experience in automobile technology units (heating, cooling, timing, color, contrast, ISO 15008)   

Display integration
  • Support and elaboration of requirements-specifications in DOORS®
  • Support with display integration into vehicle’s surroundings and environment. Excellent knowledge with technical connections (supplies, protection, diagnosis)
  • Impact on other components, bus protocol for data transfer (CAN, MOST, LVDS, ...), Startup/Shutdown-Strategies (Timing-behavior)
  • Interface liaison between system supplier and display manufacturer as well as between the OEM and system supplier. As liaison in the event of discrepancies we take measures to correct any hardware or software or optical issues.
  • Experienced in project development and presentation through participation at numerous projects at OEMs and suppliers.
  • Consult and support with EMV, ESD, endurance tests and thermal management
  • Submission and execution of quality control measures
  • Execution of qualification/test/trail/validation
  • Creation of electrical-, mechanical- and software concepts
  • Series support, coordination, 0-km complaints/breakdowns
  • Project management (from prototype-SOP) incl. milestone tracking and quality gates
  • Creation, maintenance and actualization of timetables/project and feature rollout plans