Display measurement
Effective qualifying is an essential part of successful development. XTRONIC offers a wide range of measuring options for your display and switch applications from luminance, contrast and color, to a viewing angle up to 85° as well as time dependant measuring as switching times and “flicker”. 

We are not only specialized on standard monitor interfaces but also on automotive-specific interfaces like CAN and LVDS to suitably control your display, switch or optic element.

We would be happy to create an individual proposal regarding your innovative displays, switches or optical elements.
Discrepancies in the specifications can be discovered by optical measurements in an early development phase. This helps in cost savings and increases efficiency.

We provide the following services at XTRONIC in-house or on-site at our customers:

Services in the divison optical measuring

  • Goniometric luminance and contrast measurement up to Θ=85° of transmissive (i.e. LCD) and emissive (i.e. OLED) switches or displays
  • Measurement of reflective displays with diffuse hemisphere and spot illumination
  • Measurement of displays during daylight conditions
  • Measurement of bilateral reflectance distribution (BRDF)
  • Switching time measuring
  • Flicker measuring
  • Chromaticity measurement according to CIE1976) (u‘,v‘), CIE1931 (x,y) or other color spaces
  • Spectral measurement
  • Black MURA measurment
  • Spatially resolved measurement of luminance and color coordinates with an area scan camera for homogeneity evaluation
  • Measurement evaluation with graphically prepared measuring reports or in excel templates