Electric mobility
Electric mobility is the mobility of the future. A powerful, quiet and environmentally friendly all in one drive system is a goal that fascinates and inspires us in the development of e-mobility solutions, like our electric-scooter “e-Schwalbe”.

We estimate that by the year 2020 there will be at least one million electric vehicles on German streets. In order for this vision to become reality extensive research and development will be needed to develop innovative drive systems.

XTRONIC sees electric mobility as a key technology for the future. An electric vehicle causes no emissions, does not create noise and does not depend on fossil fuels. Our long term goal is to develop an electric vehicle and to use a renewable energy source so that it can become a sustainable alternative drive system.

XTRONIC is competent in the development of electric mobility solutions up to series-production. XTRONIC is developing the electric scooter “e-Schwalbe”, which includes all areas of the development process, from the first design up to series production.

For XTRONIC the "e-Schwalbe” project represents a chance and motivation to develop ideas in the area of electric mobility to meet future needs while contributing to a cleaner environment for the future.

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  • Electric scooter  „e-Schwalbe“
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