ModeL based Testing
ModeL editor
In the model-based testing process a simplified model of the system is created over a graphic input possibility. At the same time the model is the specification and basis for automatically generated test cases.

XTRONIC software application ModeL editor is used to automatically create test cases from customer-specific XML-models.

XTRONIC ModeL editor assists you in efficiently finding errors in the specification, in the implementation and in the model. The strenuous manual creation of test lists is replaced by the creative process of system modeling.

  • Automated test case generation
  • Various test strategies
  • Intuitive graphic user interface
  • Customer specific, adjustable data model
  • Simple team work (XML database)
  • Role based access permissions
  • Customer specific adjustable syntax-checker
  • Variants- and release-management
  • Statistics function
  • Versioning
  • DOORS® import/export
  • Connection to HIL